D: It is illegal to solicit to sell sex in a public place and to organise commercial sex in any place. (eg Argentina)

Macao Special Administrative Region

Soliciting in a public place for prostitution under the Criminal Code.
Keeping a brothel is illegal and it is an offence to ‘control prostitution’ or act as an agent encouraging prostitution.
Sex workers complain that most police officers have do not provide the reasons for raids and arrests.
Many sex workers enter on two week visas from China that known to be for sex work but many experience harassment and arrest if they overstay.
It is not illegal to buy sex.
HIV and STI testing are voluntary.

Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)

Soliciting for any immoral purpose in a public place is made illegal by Section 147 of the Crimes Ordinance .
Some of the many migrant sex workers from the mainland and other countries are prosecuted for fake visas and identity cards.
It is an offense to keep a brothel which is defined as a place in which than one sex worker operates and to control of sex workers.
Offences under the Crimes Ordinance include:


It is illegal to solicit in public for the purposes of prostitution.
It is illegal to operate a brothel and to live on the earnings of prostitution.
In 2003 in a short-lived effort to stop sex work the Government of Kiribati banned Korean fishing boats from coming its main harbor.
Enforcement of sex work law is low but public order offenses are routinely used against sex workers.
Buying sex is not illegal
HIV testing is voluntary.


The Criminal Code of Algeria makes it illegal to soliciting to sell sex and to aid, assist or protect the prostitution of others; to share the profits of a person who is regularly engaged in prostitution; to live with a person who is regularly engaged in prostitution; and to procuring a person for prostitution.

The code also prohibits keeping, managing, causing to operate, financing, or contributing to the financing of an establishment for the purpose of prostitution.


  • It is illegal to solicit in public to sell sex, to live on the earnings of a prostitute and to maintain a brothel.
  • In practice, police tolerate and monitor a limited number of brothels including requiring workers in them to undergo periodic health checks and carry a ‘health card’.
  • It is an offence under the Infectious Disease Act for a person living with HIV to engage in activities that could pass on HIV to another person.
  • The law is not used in respect of male sex work but is used against transwomen who sell sex.
  • It is not illegal to buy sex.


  • The Criminal code makes it illegal to create or maintain a brothel, to live off the prostitution of another and to pander (Art. 302) Coercion into prostitution is also illegal (Art.


  • The Criminal Law (Art. 191, year 1996) makes it illegal to encourage prostitution, procure for prostitution and to profit by facilitating prostitution.
  • An administrative public order law makes it illegal to solicit to sell sex in public spaces and to provide space for an act of prostitution. Restaurants, bars and hotels among other places are defined as public so people who operate or own them are liable to prosecution. (art. 19.


  • Part 3 of Article 239 of the Lithuanian Criminal Code makes it illegal to live off the earnings of prostitution; coerce with blackmail/deceit/use of psychological or physical pressure a person into prostitution, to recruit to prostitution.
  • Selling sex in public is made illegal by an administrative provision that sets out fines and jail sentences for repeat offences
  • Buying sex is also an administrative offence.
  • It is reported that sex work law enforcement is connected to organised crime and entwined with human trafficking networks.


  • The Criminal Code makes it illegal to force or procure for the purposes of prostitution; to live on the earnings of prostitution; to organise or keep or allow premises to be used as a brothel. (Articles 134, 308, 309 and 128)
  • Soliciting to sell sex in public places is prohibited by an administrative article (449) so sex workers cannot challenge fines issued under this article.
  • Buying sex is not illegal.
  • Laws apply to both male and female sex work.


  • The Sexual Offences Act 1998 makes it illegal to procure a person to work as a prostitute; to keep or manage or act or assist in the management of a brothel, to provide premises for prostitution and to knowingly live wholly or in part on the earnings of prostitution.
  • Street soliciting could be subject to a provision of the Small Offences concerning ‘any person behaving in a public place in an indecent manner.’
  • The laws are gender neutral so it is possible that men could be charged with prostitution offences.
  • It is a human trafficking offence to assist any other


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