These simple discussion based activities can be used with groups to explore gender norms and equality in marriage. They encourage participants to think about how they can build more inclusive communities.

Activity 1:  Reimagining tradition and culture (60 minutes)

Using video clips from MenCare, this activity highlights the positive effects of challenging norms and stereotypes. Multimedia stories are used to provoke discussion on gender norms and stereotypes in the community. 

Download the pdf of this exercise 

Activity 2: Equality in Marriage and the practice of lobola (75 minutes) 

This activity involves an open discussion around marriage, lobola (a bride price or dowry) and women’s rights within a marriage. Key information is provided in order to help the facilitator guide the discussion. The objective is to understand the purpose of marriage and clearly demonstrate the lobola does not equate to ownership of a woman or the right to abuse one’s wife.

Download the pdf of this exercise