Procuring for prostitution; knowingly living on the earnings of the prostitution of others; habitually being in the company of a prostitute or exercising control, and direction over a sex worker; keeping or managing a brothel or being the tenant, lessee, or occupier of a place used for purposes of habitual prostitution are illegal. (Sections 220-225 Criminal Code of Nigeria 1990)
Another provision makes it illegal for anyone including an occupier to permit premises to be used for habitual prostitution. (225b)
Selling sex is made illegal by a law that defines commercial sex as 'carnal knowledge' which is illegal, immoral sex.
Carnal knowledge necessarily involves 'complete penetration'.
Detaining a woman or girl against her will in a brothel carries a maximum penalty of two year imprisonment for two years and the presence of any woman or girl in a brothel is deemed to be such detention. Section 231 criminalises indecent acts in public places.
Anal sex is an 'Offence Against Morality' This makes it illegal for any person to permt a male to have 'carnal knowledge of him or her against the order of nature (S21.3)
The most commonly used law is Section 249 that deems prostitutes and others 'found at times and in circumstances as to lead to the conclusion that such person is there for an illegal or disorderly purpose to be'rogues and vagabonds' This is a misdemeanor offence which means that it does not carry a jail term and may be dealt with by police rather than a court.
Buying sex is not illegal
HIV and STI testing are officially voluntary and confidential.