• The Criminal Code makes it illegal to force or procure for the purposes of prostitution; to live on the earnings of prostitution; to organise or keep or allow premises to be used as a brothel. (Articles 134, 308, 309 and 128)
  • Soliciting to sell sex in public places is prohibited by an administrative article (449) so sex workers cannot challenge fines issued under this article.
  • Buying sex is not illegal.
  • Laws apply to both male and female sex work. Male sex workers are subject to forced HIV testing.
  • Law enforcement is characterised by arbitrary arrest, extortion, rape and beatings of sex workers by police.
  • Although HIV testing is officially voluntary and confidential a survey by the only organisation that supports sex workers (Amelia) found that of 60 respondents, 56 had been subjected to compulsory HIV testing. Moreover results are not confidential. Sex workers must obtain the results of HIV tests through outreach workers who may also share them with sex business managers. HIV positive sex workers continue to provide sexual services they could face criminal liability for the deliberate spread of infection. Funding for health programmes for sex workers are very limited.