Sex work is regulated Article 231 of the Tunisian Penal Code 1942 law which identifies obligations of sex workers and brothel managers in resect of medical administration.
To register as a sex worker a woman must be over 18, unmarried and certified to be mentally capable and negative to 'infectious or septic' diseases.
Registered sex workers are allowed to work in their private residences or tolerated brothels. Brothels can lose their licenses if a sex worker is employed who has not submitted to a medical check.
There are limits on advertising and location and workplace regulations are in place, including that buildings must be ventilated and lit and hygienic
It has been reported that most sex workers avoid registration
A 1997 Tunisian Ministry of Interior a decree make sit illegal for a 'women who, by gestures or words, solicit themselves to passers-by or engage in prostitution, even on an occasional basis'
Sex workers have claimed that law enforcement is abusive and inconsistent.
It is not illegal to buy sex except insofar as it may contravene Sharia law.